How Do You Send Fab Fit Box As A Gift?

Can you send a FabFitFun box back?

FabFitFun does not accept returns and all sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges of Seasonal Boxes, box items, Add-Ons, Boost items, reFill items, additional box purchases, Shop orders, or Edit/Themed Sale orders. Any returns made to us will not be eligible for a refund.

How much is shipping for FabFitFun starter box?

Every season, you get a limited opportunity to send free Starter Boxes to the people you love! You can send a Starter Box to friends or family that haven’t tried FabFitFun yet. All they need to do is pay for shipping (usually $5 USD).

What is FabFitFun Members box?

All FabFitFun members receive exclusive access to FFF TV and our incredible sales! Between our Add-Ons, Edit Sale, exclusive offers, and our FFF Shop, you’re guaranteed to snag some extra goodies you love! Membership also includes access to our FabFitFun Community, where you can chat and connect with other members!

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Can you have more than one FabFitFun account?

Because we are a subscription service, there is no option to only purchase one box at checkout. You must sign up for a membership and agree to our Membership Terms and Terms of Use and Sale.

Is FabFitFun really worth it?

If you love discovering new items, and look forward to opening a box full of different products every few months, the FabFitFun box is definitely worth it, and you will be quite amazed at how much value you get in each box! It’s literally like having a birthday every three months!

Can you cancel FabFitFun after first box?

If you would like to cancel your membership, you must do so before the next bill date or you will continue to be billed for the following Seasonal Box. To cancel, log into your FabFitFun dashboard and visit this link. There are no cancellation fees.

How long does it take to get FabFitFun starter box?

Your FabFitFun box is personally and meticulously assembled by our warehouse team (check out the video below to learn more). Your order will generally ship within 2 weeks* of successful billing.

How long does it take to get my FabFitFun box?

Your FabFitFun box is personally and meticulously assembled by our warehouse team (check out the video below to learn more). Your order will generally ship within 2 weeks* of successful billing.

How many products do you get in a FabFitFun box?

Typically, a FabFitFun box will have 8 items. All subscribers will be able to pick 3 of their items, and if you are an annual subscriber (what FabFitFun calls a Select Member), you will be able to select an additional 2 items out of your 8 total. The remaining 3 items will be selected by FabFitFun for you.

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What is the difference between seasonal and annual FabFitFun box?

Purchasing an Annual FabFitFun Membership will automatically make you an Annual Member! If you are a Seasonal Member you can upgrade your account to an Annual Membership at any time. 6

How do you customize your FabFitFun?

What is Customization?

  1. Customization is the option to choose one or more items in your box!
  2. Once customization opens for the season, you can make your selections by logging into your FabFitFun account and clicking the customize tab on your dashboard!

How much is FabFitFun seasonal?

FabFitFun is a subscription service that is billed each season ($49.99 USD) or annually ($179.99 USD for 4 boxes), depending on the option chosen, and will be automatically charged using the payment method provided. Foreign exchange or transaction fees may apply for non US customers.

How do I get a second FabFitFun box?

Simply log into your FabFitFun Member Dashboard and head over to the Shop page. Once you’ve accessed the shop you can choose to purchase an Additional Box and have it sent to either your address on file or you may edit to send to a friend’s address instead.

Can you cancel FabFitFun at any time?

You can cancel your FabFitFun subscription at any time without any cancellation fees. There are four ways to terminate your membership: By writing an email. Via your Membership Account.

How much does it cost to upgrade FabFitFun?

If you are a Seasonal Member, you can upgrade your subscription to our Annual Membership at any time by logging into your account here and clicking Upgrade to Annual! When you click Upgrade to Annual, you’ll be charged $179.99 * which will cover your next four boxes!

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