How To Make A Mini Gift Box 1/2″ Tall?

How do you fold a rectangular box?

Origami Rectangle Box Instructions

  1. Start with coloured side up.
  2. Fold edges to centre line.
  3. Fold outwards along creases shown.
  4. Turn model over, and fold edges into centre line, crease and unfold.
  5. Bring bottom corner up to the third crease.
  6. Fold corner under.
  7. Fold up and tuck under.
  8. Fold up and tuck under.

How do you make a small box out of a gift box?

Fold one side of the box over and up to the lip of the box. Open up and turn around and repeat with the other side. You have now formed your new side of your box! Then fold those two cut pieces inward and then fold one half of the box over the other!

How do I make a small square box?


  1. Get a square piece of paper and fold in half.
  2. Open out and fold the edges into the middle.
  3. Now you need to get the edges (next to the centre line) and fold them back out a tiny bit so right in the middle there is only one layer.
  4. Unfold them.
  5. Refold the thin strips for the edge of the box.

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