How To Make A Paper Pillow Gift Box?

How do you gift wrap a pillow box?

Lay down a piece of gift tissue. Put your small pillow in the center of the gift tissue, and gather the ends of the tissue together so that the pillow is snugly wrapped up inside. Place your present in a gift bag of the appropriate size so that the pillow fits perfectly inside and doesn’t rattle around.

What do you put in a pillow box?

Ideas for Filling the Pillow Box Fill the box with small treats like candies or chocolate-covered pretzels. Or place special notes of greeting for the guests, small objects like a gift card or light items like hand-chosen tea sachets or small bags of coffee.

What are pillow boxes?

1:14. Video Details. Pillow or Pouch style boxes are an excellent choice for scarves, jewelry, lingerie, small gifts, or candy. We also have a selection of large pouch-shaped boxes for items such as apparel. They are made with curved flaps on the sides, that when folded in, open the box up to shape the pouch.

Where is pillow cube made?

Your American-made pillows are assembled right here in Tennessee, with real people cutting, stitching, stuffing, closing, packing, and shipping every order.

How do you package a pillow?

Once you have gathered your packing materials, follow a careful packing procedure:

  1. Brush any dust and dirt off pillows.
  2. Place each pillow inside a clean pillowcase.
  3. Wrap each pillow individually in breathable plastic wrap, taking care not to wrap too tightly.
  4. Use packing tape to secure the bundle.
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How do you make a Cricut pillow box?

Upload the template into Cricut Design Space. Resize the pillow box. I resized mine to 7.5″ in width.

  1. Step 1: Change the Top Layer to Score. You will notice that you have two layers on your mat.
  2. Step 2: Attach the Two Layers Together.
  3. Step 3: Let’s Cut the Box.
  4. Step 4: Changing the Blades on the Cricut.

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