Often asked: How Do You Make A Gift Box On Zepeto?

How do you get a gift box in Zepeto?

Gifts can be received from other users. If someone else has sent you a gift, you can receive it by clicking ‘Receive’ in [Home > Notification (upper right bell)> Gift box].

Can you gift diamonds in Zepeto?

Can you gift Gems in Zepeto? Yes, you can gift Gems on Zepeto, open Zepeto, then tap on Home, then tap on Trend and then tap on Gifts.

How do you make a Zepeto item?

Log into ZEPETO Studio and then click on the Manage Items button, which is located on the right side of the toolbar. On the main screen, click the Create Item button. Select the type of template you want to create from the list of templates on the screen.

How do you cancel a gift on Zepeto?

Once a gift has been sent, the gift sent cannot be canceled or refunded. Sent gifts are automatically received after 30 days even without the other party pressing the receive button.

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Is Zepeto Studio free?

Build your dream space! All features of ‘build it’ service are free. Only available on PC, yet.

How do you get money in Zepeto 2020?

How can I earn Coins and ZEMS?

  1. You can purchase them on the Credit Shop.
  2. You can also earn them free of charge. Please tap “Quest” and “Lucky” at the top left on ZEPETO Home, then you can get coins and zems via Daily Quest, Lucky Spin, scratch items and so on. Besides, join various events of ZEPETO official account.

Can you gift Coins in Words With Friends?

When you are sitting on a table, your friend can click to the Gift icon next to your profile and select the coin package to buy it for you.

What is the coin limit in Words With Friends?

Coins capped at 1500: WordsWithFriends.

How do you get verified on Zepeto?

At Profile > Settings > My Account, you can verify your account with your Phone Number or Email. After authentication, you can log in with a certified email or mobile phone in addition to the linked account. We recommend you to have it certified in advance for safe account management.

Can you earn real money in Zepeto?

Request Payment. You can request a cash out the earned ZEM from the sale of your item in the Payments menu of ZEPETO Studio. Cash Out can be requested only once in the same month and the Cash Out button will be activated when the item sales balance is over 5,000ZEM.

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Is the Zepeto app safe?

Is Zepeto a safe app? Actually, the Zepeto app is not safe for our kids. This app is available for everyone, and so the kids and teens should be careful because the adults can misuse this environment for various reasons.

How do you become Zepeto famous?

The users can get more followers on Zepeto by editing their virtual characters and making them more fashionable or by interacting with other users and following their virtual characters.

How do I get my money back from Zepeto?

In the case of Creator Item’s, the creators are the one who sets the price’s and able to adjust the price after you purchase it, upon your request. In the case of regular items listed by Zepeto, we cannot exchange or refund items you have purchased due to the fact that it was already equipped.

How do I make my Zepeto account private?

If you don’t want others to know what you are doing in Zepeto, you can change your privacy settings and change it to [ Open just for followers]! Go to [Profile] > [Settings] > [My Account] > [Account Privacy].

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