Often asked: How To Make A Gift Box Out Of Scrapebook Paper?

Which paper is used for explosion box?

An explosion box is made from sheets of cardstock that nest inside each other.

How do you make cardstock cookie boxes?


  1. Cut out all the pieces from the cardstock.
  2. Fold the outside box together by creasing along all the dotted lines.
  3. Glue the tabs at the sides to create a box.
  4. For the lid, crease along all the dotted lines then glue the thin plastic sheet to the back.
  5. Fold along all the lines of the inner boxes.

How do you make a square gift?

From the Square Point of Sale app Tap Library > Gift Cards > Sell eGift Card. Select your eGift Card design. Select a preset load amount or enter a custom amount. Enter the eGift Card recipient’s email address > tap Done.

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