Often asked: How To Use Valkyrie Gift Box?

How do you use the AI Chan gift box?

Every so often, our wonderful admin, Ai-chan, will provide redemption codes to allow Captains to get free gifts. These codes can be redeemed by tapping your name in the upper right hand corner of the Bridge, then Account, then typing in the code in the Exchange Rewards box.

Can you gift in Honkai?

You can give gifts to children or men or women who like anime.

How do I enter codes on Honkai impact?

How do I redeem Honkai Impact codes?

  1. Open Honkai Impact 3rd.
  2. From the main screen, press your player ID in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Hit account.
  4. Type or paste your code into the ‘enter redemption code’ box.
  5. Press ‘get’
  6. Enjoy the free stuff!

Does Honkai have pity system?

In Honkai gacha crystals can be spent for one chance of pulling (single pull) or spend for 10 pulls performed at once (10x pulls) (Figure 1, C). Also, there is at least one pity system (Figure 1, B) available in the most supplies.

What can you buy in Honkai Impact 3?

One of the best ways to spend Asterite is to buy A-Rank Valkyries, including Flame Sakura, whose fragments are available in the shop. Other important purchases include Mithril, Ancient Willpower, ELFs, and Imaginos, in that order.

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How do you get crystals in Honkai Impact 3?

Just enter your Honkai Impact 3 user ID, select the value of Buy Crystals and B-Chips you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the Buy Crystals and B-Chips will be added immediately to your Honkai Impact 3 account.

How do you get more weapons in Honkai impact 3?

You will need 3 honkai crystals to get a 4* weapon fully upgraded. However, 4* weapons are not easy to get. The main ways to get them is from supply pulls, events, and the foundry, where you can craft one using different materials (we will go over what you can craft later on).

How do I get Fischl Honkai impact?

According to miHoYo, Fischl will be available for free as a login bonus for those that log in from July 8th, to the end of the version. During the new version, captains will also be able to acquire a total of 10 Supply Cards and 5 SP supply cards, as accumulative login bonus rewards.

How do you reroll in Honkai impact?

Rerolling. To start a new account, simply force close the app and restart. Tap Switch Account on the splash screen instead of tapping anywhere to enter the game with your previous account. Then follow the steps from the Initial Play section again.

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