Often asked: Where Do I Find The Gift Box On Vipkid?

How do you send a gift on VIPKID?

Once you find a class with your student, click on it to open that specific class. Then click on your student’s name to open the student screen. At the top of the screen there is a gift box. Click on the gift box in the upper right hand corner to “Send a Gift.”

What is the flower icon on VIPKID?

Every teacher can check to see how many followers they have by going to the “Account” tab in the VIPKID app. At the top of the account tab, look for the little flower with a number beside it. This number represents the number of followers you have.

What are PPT slots in VIPKID?

2. PT and PPT. PT and PPT stand for peak time and peak-peak time. These are the VIPKID time slots that are in the highest demand.

How do I fill out my VIPKID schedule?

Open the VIPKid app and hover over the “Class” tab and then click on “Bookings.” Once you have clicked bookings, your schedule page will open. The times on the left are based on your specific time zone. I’m in the Eastern Standard Time zone, so this is a snapshot of my schedule.

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What does 24h mean on Vipkid?

All courses booked within 24 hrs will earn an extra $2 (for short notice bonus). Within an hour of the scheduled start time, you are unable to make the timeslots available for booking within 24 hours anymore. This is the way to allow us to book your timeslots within 24 hrs.

What is my Vipkid show name?

Show Name and ID This is called your show name. It is shown at the top right of the portal near your picture. When you sign up for some workshops or contests they may ask for these so now you know where to find them.

Is VIPKID in financial trouble?

However, the company has always had a profit problem. According to The Information, the company’s net loss reached 2.2 billion yuan ($31 million), although its revenue increased to 3 billion yuan ($43 million) by the first ten months of 2018.

How many hours can you get with VIPKID?

Thanks for your question. VIPKID sets no limit on how much a teacher teaches during peak and non-peak time. Teachers have 100% control over their schedule. The maximum amount of available time slots per day is 26, which equals 182 per week.

How many hours do you have to work for VIPKID?

What Hours Do You Work with VIPKID? VIPKID targets Chinese students and teachers should expect to work from 9am-9pm Beijing time. There is no maximum or minimum number of hours you can teach but demand does decrease outside of the peak hours between 6pm-9pm.

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Is it hard to get bookings with VIPKID?

VIPKid itself says it may take a few weeks to get booked, especially since they have so much to process and review for your profile. They are reviewing your photos, video, translating your bio, etc. Do not worry if you are a week in with no bookings! That is totally normal.

How do I book my VIPKID 2020?

How To Get VIPKID Bookings

  1. Complete your VIPKID Profile. Your VIPKID teacher profile is the first thing parents will see.
  2. Open Slots During Peak Times and Peak Peak Times.
  3. Open VIPKID Classes On The Weekends.
  4. Use The Short Notice Feature.
  5. Open Your Schedule 3-4 Weeks Out.
  6. After Teaching A Student, Send Them An E-card.

Are VIPKID bookings down?

Yes, there have been low VIPKid bookings this summer (2020) so far. New teachers have been unable to get bookings for a long time. Even long-term teachers with lots of regular students have seen a drop in bookings during May and June.

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