Question: What To Put In A Trinket Box As A Gift?

What do you put in a trinket box?

7 stylish ways to use a trinket tray

  1. Loose change. Product shown: Cloud trinket tray, £5.95.
  2. Keys. Product shown: Love heart trinket tray, £3.95.
  3. Small plants. Product shown: Silvered brass jewellery dish, £6.95.
  4. Soap.
  5. Hair accessories.
  6. Office supplies.
  7. Candy or mints.

What are trinket dishes used for?

Trinket dishes of all sizes can easily be used to organize all of your small office supplies. Rubber bands, paper clips, erasers and push pins, they can all be confined to one of these plates or bowls. Find fun pieces at the local thrift store or buy a set so you’re nicely matched with the rest of the space.

What is a trinket jar used for?

Trinket boxes are small cases or caskets used to hold jewelry, curiosities, and other small, precious objects. They are made of an assortment of materials, including porcelain, ivory, wood, and paper mache, and typically kept on dressers or hidden away in jewelry boxes or drawers.

What is a trinket jar?

Trinket boxes have taken on many forms since their first conception in ancient times. However their purpose remains the same; to store jewellery and other items precious to the owner. Originally, these boxes were used specifically for jewellery.

What is a ring dish?

This Trinket Dish is a bridal party gift, bridal shower favor, or wedding day photo prop that is made from high-quality ceramic in a diamond ring shape. The diamond ring-shaped trinket dish may be used to hold rings, but can also present jewelry gifts for the bridal party.

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