Quick Answer: How To Gift Wrap A Triangular Tube Box?

How do you wrap a long triangle box?

Line up long side of paper with the top edge just reaching over the top of your triangle. Bring the shorter side up to meet it and tape down. At both ends, pleat down corners into a triangle. Then fold up to cover and fit the shape of box.

How do you wrap a triangular shape?

Triangular shapes USE FOR: Cosmetics, chocolates. METHOD: Place gift in middle of sheet. Take the top of the paper at the top point of the triangle and fold slightly over, tucking in at each side, and create a pleat along the rest of the paper. Repeat the pleat on the other side.

How do you wrap a six sided box?

Tutorial #4: Gift Wrapping with a Hexagon Box

  1. Begin with a rectangular sheet of gift wrapping paper.
  2. Wrap it around your box, then seal with tape.
  3. Leave 3-4 inches of excess paper at the top and bottom of your box.
  4. Fold your paper in a small triangular shape over one of the box edges.

How do you reshape a gift box?

Pamper it with a layer of tissue paper, the way they do at fancy department stores: Lay the whole sheet atop your open box, pinch it at the middle point of both sides, and fold that middle section over until the tissue paper’s the height of your box.

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How do you pack odd shaped objects?

Protect the odd-shaped items – Disassemble larger pieces as much as possible, place cushioning materials inside hollow places, protect protruding parts with bubble wrap, wrap the entire items in packing paper, bubble wrap, or foam sheeting, and use packing tape to hold the wrapping in place.

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