Quick Answer: How To Make Smores Gift Box?

How do you make a Smore gift box?

Fill the mason jars with pieces of chocolate bar, marshmallows and graham crackers. Or, leave the crackers in their simple, brown packaging. Tie the skewers together with some pretty twine or ribbon and place them in the basket too.

How do you make individual smores kits?

Step 1: Print and cut out the free printable tags. Step 2: Place 3 snack size Hershey bars, 3 graham cracker sheets, 3 marshmallows, and a skewer stick into a treat bag. Repeat for as many bags as you’d like to fill. Step 3: Fold tag in half and staple onto treat bag(s).

What should be in a mores kit?

You need the basics: graham crackers, soft, fluffy CampfireĀ® Marshmallows (I especially love the cheery Gingerbread variety) and a bunch of chocolate bars. Grab a box, a few sheets of tissue paper, some ribbon and the free printable tags, and you’re good to go!

What is a Smore box?

Take everything you need on the go at your next event to create s’mores in this convenient caddy. The tray inside keeps your marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers in place, conveniently holding all of your smores ingredients. Chocolate Bars, graham crackers and marshmallows not included.

How do you make an indoor fire for S mores?

To use, just fill up the miniature cement fire pit designed for interior fires with either clean burning isopropyl rubbing alcohol or 151 proof vodka (grain alcohol), light the flame (burns for around 50 minutes), grab a wooden skewer with a marshmallow on the end, and roast it.

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How do you use a smores grill basket?

Just place your chocolate and marshmallows between the graham crackers, wrap in foil, and roast over heat until you have four perfectly melted s’mores. The long handle keeps everyone safe from the flames, and the basket keeps your s’mores from falling into the fire.

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