Quick Answer: What Size Box Can I Use For A 12 Oz Gift?

What size are mug boxes?

These boxes can also be decorated with festive images and used as a perfect gift box for a customized mug. Specifications: Size: 4″ H x 4″ W x 4″ D.

What size box fits a 15 oz mug?

Description: 15oz Mug Gift Box – Case of 100 – White Chipboard Gift Boxes for single 15oz. Mugs, 6” x 4.5” x 4.5″ By Case, 100 per case.

What is a size 1 box?

235mm x 165mm x 70mm.

What are the box sizes at UPS?

UPS Express Box – Small: 13in x 11in x 2in. UPS Express Box – Medium: 16in x 11in x 3in. UPS Express Box – Large: 18in x 13in x 3in; weight limit 30lbs. UPS PAK: Padded, secure, or watertight boxes for sensitive or regulated items; size varies.

How do you package a mug?

Put a layer of bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper at the bottom of the box for added cushioning. Protect the mugs. Just like with wine glasses, you want to protect coffee mugs by filling the inside with crumpled paper. This will help the mug withstand any impact if it gets moved around while you move.

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