Readers ask: How To Fabric In Padded Gift Box?

What can I use to line a box?

Spread glue all over the bottom of your box, making sure to spread it all the way to the edges. Press your padded base into the glue and hold for a few minutes. You can place some weights on it while it dries if necessary. Cut a piece of ribbon or braid to fit around the top of your box.

How do you line a drawer with silver cloth?

Use two layers of tarnish-resistant cloth to line a drawer if the fabric is very flimsy and thin.

  1. Some tarnish-resistant fabric is treated with special, non-water-resistant chemicals to prevent the silver from tarnishing.
  2. Don’t touch the tip of a hot glue gun or the glue itself to prevent skin burns or irritation.

How do you cover a box with leather?

Measure, Cut & Attach Leather Fold over one inch on each side to achieve a finished look. Wrap the leather around the bottom, front and back and tuck the excess inside the box. Hold the leather to the box with a spring clamp and use a hammer and upholstery tacks to secure the leather to the front. Repeat on the back.

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