Readers ask: How To Give An Nc Gift Box To Someone?

Can you trade NC items?

NC Trading According to Neopets rules, you can only trade NC items for other NC items. So, you are not allowed to offer or trade Neopoints or Neopoint items for any Neocash items. Most NC trading takes place on the NC Mall Neoboard (commonly referred to as NCC).

How do you use gift boxes on Neopets?

You can use this Gift Box to give a Neocash items to another Neopets user as a gift. To decorate this Gift Box with special wrapping, go to the new Gift Wrap shop in the NC Mall.

How do you send gifts on Neopets?

For Neopoint items, you can simply open the window to the item and click on “Give to Neofriend” and type in the username of whoever you want to give the gift to! For Neocash items, you will need a Gift Box, but the process is pretty much the same.

How do you get Neocash items?

You can either wait until Gift Box Capsules are up for sale in the mall and buy them to offer, or you can offer a custom. A custom just means you will offer a certain amount of neocash (which you will use to buy buyable items from the mall) for the item.

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How do I gift an item in North Carolina?

To send an item with a NC Gift Box, it’s required to have both the item and the Gift Box in your inventory. When you click on the Gift Box, on the drop down menu, you’ll be able to select any Neocash item that is placed in your inventory to place it into the Gift Box.

Can you trade Neopets for items?

In the most basic terms, trading is when one Neopet is swapped for another. It’s also against the rules to trade a Neopet for anything but another Neopet; you can’t offer another player Neopoints or items alongside your pet to try and get them to accept.

How do you sell stocks on Neopets?

To sell stocks, click the arrow to the left of the logo and type in how many of the stock you want to sell. To sell shares from multiple companies at once, do the same for all the companies whose stock you want to sell and click “sell shares” at the bottom of your portfolio.

What are GBCs Neopets?

Units of Trade: GBCs (Gift Box Capsules) are the basic unit of trade currency for NC traders. They normally cost 200 NC a piece and are only available in the NC Mall for a week or so every month. Every item has a ‘cap value’, which means how many GBC it is worth.

How do I get rid of Neocash?

Unfortunately you have to spend more NC to get rid of them. You can try trading them using a gift box (gotten from redeeming NC cards or buying a Gift Box Capsule) for something you’d prefer (known as a custom).

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How do you get Neocash without buying it?

Another way to obtain free NeoCash is through the Qasalan Expellibox. The Qasalan Expellibox is a daily game that allows players to help the people of Qasala get rid of those pesky scarabs. You have the chance of winning 150NC free if you land on the jackpot icon.

Can you sell Neocash items?

4. This is super important: Neocash items can not, under ANY circumstances, be traded for anything other than a Neocash item! This means no requesting Neopoint items for your Neocash items and no offering on Neocash items with Neopoint items.

What is Neocash?

Neocash (NC) is the official premium currency of Neopets. It is used to purchase items from the NC Mall, primarily clothing and other wearables, but there are also food, game tokens, dyes, and (now-defunct) Key Quest tokens that can be bought as well.

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