Readers ask: Opening Puzzle Box?

How do you open the secret puzzle box revolution?

As the name implies, the solution involves rotating and sliding the panels. Find the secret and you will reveal the opening inside to stash your small treasures. Made of pine with a gloss lacquered finish. 3-1/2″ square.

  1. Go to your orders and start the return.
  2. Select the return method.
  3. Ship it!

Which the secret treasures have been found?

As of 2019, three of the treasure boxes have been recovered. The first was found in Chicago, Illinois; the second in Cleveland, Ohio; and the most recent treasure box was found in Boston, Massachusetts. The remaining nine treasure boxes have not yet been recovered.

How do Chinese puzzle balls work?

Accessing the interior with an L-shaped tool, they would carve grooves to form concentric gaps, creating layers. This inner ball is then moved about and carved with long tools passed through the holes, after which the bent chisel is again brought into play to cut out the next ball.”

How much is the secret Peridot worth?

Peridot ranges in price from about $50–80/ct. for well-cut gems in the 1–2 ct. size, up to as much as $400–450 ct. for large fine gems of top color.

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How much is the gem from the secret worth?

The Secret book described twelve locations in cities around the country, but only two of the treasure jewels have been found in nearly 40 years since the book was published. Each treasure box has a key that can be turned in for a precious gem with a value estimated at $1,000.

Has any pirate treasure been found?

No treasure has been reported to be found yet. The Treasure of Lima is a supposed buried treasure on Cocos Island in the Pacific abandoned by pirates. Pirate Olivier Levasseur, also known as “The Buzzard” (La Buse), was rumoured to have hidden treasure before his death in 1730. No such treasure has been found.

What was in the secret box SpongeBob?

“The Secret Box” SpongeBob thinks Patrick’s box possibly contains stolen diamonds, severed heads, an albino jellyfish, or an embarrassing photo of him from the Christmas party. SpongeBob becomes so desperate to see what is inside that he decides to break into Patrick’s rock while he is sleeping and take a look.

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